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Do you want to move to Antalya?

Are you looking for a job in Antalya?

Do you want to set up your own business in Antalya?

Are you looking for a property to buy/rent in Antalya?

Are you looking for a good school for your kids in Antalya?

Do you want to meet new friends in Antalya?

Do you want to enjoy the night life in Antalya?

Do you want to explore the beautiful nature of Antalya?

Do you want to learn the pro(s) and con(s) about Antalya?


You can add many more requests and questions here.


If you are tired of endlessly hunting on Google yet still not finding unbiased relevant information then you've come to the right place.

Perhaps your Turkish is not good enough and you don’t have enough time to learn the language first and then start a new life here in Antalya?

You need a person to trust and ask for help who can speak your own language and willing to be the bridge between your questions/problems and the answers/solutions?

I have been helping expats navigate the rough waters of Turkish living and bureaucracy for many years, so much so it’s become a full blown job, hence this site and hence you finding me. Sooner or later if you are in Antalya, one day the answer to one of your questions will be to "Ask Aysun"

Consider me your "go to girl" for anything and everything you need in Antalya, if I cant do it or dont know it, I know someone who can or does.

Here you are in the right place, in good hands, now you have found my website J

Ask me and let me help you....